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Template Pinktong Blogger
This theme, despite having a simple appearance, is very dynamic and mobile fiendly. So do not worry if your site is okay with this Design. This design in terms of layout like most templates, consists of two columns, the posting column and the sidebar column on the left. The default color scheme is purple. On the left side of the blog, the home page on the blog posting is a grid on the index page.

The Pinktong Blogger template is a responsive design and also has a very attractive appearance. This design has two columns, the left sidebar column and the default color posting column of this Pinktong template is purple. With distinctive purplish colors, Pinktong itself has an elegant style but unfortunately there is a lack of floating header features here as well as several other features.


Full Responsive

Google Testing Tool Validator (Homepage)

Google Testing Tool Validator (Postpage)

SEO and Mobile Friendly

Dynamic Heading

High CTR

Lazy load image


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No Credit Footer

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