Free Download Template BosHJN AMP Blogger Responsive

Template BosHJN AMP Blogger
The theme of the AMP version on blogspot is the result of theme creators who outsmarted it. So basically all valid AMP blogger themes are not official results from itself.

Since there is no thumbnail image on the homepage, this template is super lightweight when first opened. As is well known, Google tends to like fast loading blogs. Visitors will definitely like it because they don't have to wait long to read the article they are looking for.


Blogger Layout versi 2 

Mode AMP versi Mobile | Desktop Non AMP

SEO Frendly | Meta Tag Otomatis

Schema Marcup

Mobile Frendly


Ringan dan Cepat

Widget Link Dropdown

Widget Related PopulartPost

Font Google | Roboto

SVG Icon

Search Button | Addthis Share

Menu Dropdown

Sticky Ads

Disqus Komentar

Any more...

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